As if Speaking in Public wasn't hard enough...
Today's audiences expect you to
make them laugh.

Now, You Will.


"As student of comedy and humor, "Go Ahead and Laugh" is truly a blueprint for any person wanting to add humor to their speeches. The pragmatic yet easily implementable approaches on how to get people to laugh is what makes this book very unique and worth studying.

Johnny “The Transition Man” Campbell,
DTM, Accredited Speaker
Author of “The 21
st Century Speaker”


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11 professional speakers
Share Their Secrets with you, and
2-time World Champion of Public Speaking finalist
Rich Hopkins
walks you through duplicating their techniques in
your next speech - method by method.


What Presentations Expert TJ Walker has to say about
Go Ahead and Laugh!

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Featuring an Interview with 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking
Darren LaCroix!

Darren LaCroix gives you an inside look at using humor on the professional stage, drawing from
his background as a Stand-Up Comedian, Champion Toastmaster, and Keynote Speaker.

Our Authors include:

            Terry Canfield    Palmo Carpino     Russ Dantu           Mike Davis
             Kay Fittes
      Susan Lamb       Sarfaraz Nazir      Carrie Warren    Dan Weedin   Charlie Wilson  Douglas Wilson

Whether you're writing humor for a speech,
a presentation, or your next holiday toast
your tools for success are seconds away!



What a unique approach to understanding
humor in speaking! You “meet” the author, glimpse behind their pen and into their thoughts—read the set-up, indulge in their speech,—then, an
analysis of the humor techniques, and delivery mechanics—and tips in how to use them!

This book teaches how to use humor as the medium for the message, especially when the message may be one of sensitivity or potentially controversial. The insightful teaching aside, each speech in this book is a sparkling gem!

Sheryl Roush, President, Sparkle Presentations, Inc., Speaker, Trainer, Author, Speaking Coach,



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"Rules to Live by Before Calling 911"
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Palmo Carpino "Who's Gonna Know"
Charlie Wilson
"Getting the Message"
Michael Davis "Question Man"
Susan Lamb "KIDS"
Sarfaraz Nazir "The River of No Return"
Dan Weedin "Stop!"
Douglas Wilson "Hey, Watch This!"
Carrie Warren "Laughing in Everyday Life"

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What do you get when you gather a mixed bunch of speakers and humorists, blend with some behind the scenes insights, and analyze their presentations? Go ahead and laugh, but you get a seriously funny resource for adding or enhancing the humor in your presentations. I know more than a few of these people and have seen many of them on stage. I always thought there was something ‘funny’ about them, and I was right. Invest in your ability to connect and chuckle with your audience. Go ahead and laugh is great!

Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey,
Accredited Speaker, charter member Canadian Association of
Professional Speakers



Are you a Toastmaster?

If you are a speaker searching for techniques on storytelling, audience connection, humor - you'll find abundant examples throughout
Go Ahead and Laugh will not just teach you to be funny,
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"'Go Ahead and Laugh' is a great resource for anyone looking to add humor to their presentations. By including entire speech texts and then analyzing those speeches, the book creates a simple but powerful structure that moves beyond theory and into application. I don't know any other book on speaking or humor that does this, and the result is very effective. I have taught and performed humor and comedy for over sixteen years, and I found myself re-thinking my approach to sections of my speech. I would recommend this book to anyone who not only wants to be a funnier speaker, but who also wants to see examples of great humor in action."

Avish Parashar
Motivational Smart Ass